how to make a motorcycle tire bead breaker

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Crib up the bottom side of the tirein both places where it rests on the deck with small blocks of 2×4 – and pay attention that it will not hit your rim. Press down slowly until the side walls squeeze together and meet; turn 90 degrees and repeat. The beadwill breakloose.

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  • Can you make a tire bead breaker from scrap metal?

  • DIY Tire Bead Breaker from Scrap Metal and Floor Jack Here鈥檚 a tool you can make in your workshop to help break beads loose on stubborn tires 鈥?Make dismounting tires easier! Works great for motorcycle, quad, ATV, buggy, side by side, car, and truck tires鈥?/div>DIY Tire Bead Breaker from Scrap Metal and Floor Jack

  • What is a tire bead and how to remove it?

  • The bead is the rolled edge of the tire. Even without being inflated, the bead can still be firmly sealed to the rim. You can take your tire to a tire shop and pay to have it remove the bead, or you can make a bead breaker out of a few simple materials.

  • What do you use to break beads?

  • I’ve known guys to use furniture clamps to break beads. I’ve seen guys step on them and break them loose. I know one guy that carried his off to a school playground and used a ‘teeter-totter’ to break his bead.

  • How to choose the right tire for your bike?

  • The rubber of the tire should be fully supported on the wood so the tire lays evenly on the wood and no part of the rim touches the ground. Check to make sure that the tire is stable and does not rock when you press on one side of the tire.