how to make a motorcycle tire bead breaker

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Crib up the bottom side of the tirein both places where it rests on the deck with small blocks of 2×4 – and pay attention that it will not hit your rim. Press down slowly until the side walls squeeze together and meet; turn 90 degrees and repeat. The beadwill breakloose.

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  • How to make a bead breaker for a tire?

  • How to Make a Bead Breaker 1 Let the air completely out of the tire by removing the screw cap from the air valve and pressing the center pin in. … 2 Measure and cut three pieces from one 8-foot two-by-four: a 12-inch piece and two 24-inch pieces. 3 Locate one of the jack lift points on the underside rail of your car’s frame. … More items…

  • How do you remove a bead from a tire?

  • Push down on the handle of the first screwdriver to pop that section of bead over the rim and remove that screwdriver. Do this all the way around the tire, breaking the bead and moving the screwdrivers, until the bead is completely free or the rim. Rub the seam between the rim and the bead with a few drops of liquid dish soap.

  • How do I add Dynabeads to my bike tires?

  • Basically, you just dump the Dynabeads into the tire using a 2-ounce bag in each tire, on my bike I used 2 ounces but yours may take a different amount. Once the tires are mounted to the rim you need to make sure the valve stem is at the 12 o鈥檆lock position before putting the air in, which makes sure the beads are down at the bottom of the tire.

  • Do Dyna beads work on motorcycles?

  • These beads work on everything, not just motorcycles. Just about anything with a tire, trailers, trucks, cars, RVs off-road vehicles all can use Dyna beads and they have different products to fit a variety of different applications. You may be wondering exactly how do these things work.