how to pack for motorcycle touring

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A mixture ofpanniers, a tank bag and a backpackgive you options for storage, and a set of bungee cords helps to fasten extra luggage if needed. 鉃?Heavier items should be at the base of your bags and ideally held as close to the motorcycle as possible.

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  • How to pack a motorcycle for a road trip?

  • When it comes to packing a motorcycle, you want to get the heaviest items in your kit as close as possible to the Load Triangle (LT), which is defined as the triangle created by the two axles and the top of the rider鈥檚 head.

  • What do I need to take on a guided motorcycle tour?

  • How much space you have – you will be limited to the available storage space on your motorcycle unless there is a support van carrying the luggage for you and the group. All of EagleRider guided tours include a support can, a spare bike, cold water, and a first aid kit.

  • Is there a motorcycle camping checklist for my upcoming trip?

  • If you are planning to camp on your upcoming trip, add a motorcycle camping checklist to the PDF for your own use. Variables aside, this motorcycle touring checklist should go some way to helping you prepare for your two-wheeled adventure. Want more about gear?

  • What do I need to pack for a tour?

  • Panniers 鈥?Hard or soft panniers are your choice. Hard are the preferred option, but if you use soft panniers, make sure they can鈥檛 drag in the wheel as that would cause a whole world of pain and ruin your touring holiday. Rucksack 鈥?Preferably waterproof. Rucksacks are a great way of carrying more luggage without sticking more weight on your bike.