how to plug motorcycle tire

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Plugging is usually done by using arepair kit. It鈥檚 best to buy a high-quality kit that comes with T-handle tools, and devices for reinflating the tire. Once the foreign object is taken out from the tire, the hole is cleaned and prepared for inserting a motorcycle tire plug. Then, a rubber string or a plug is inserted into the hole.

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  • Is it safe to use a tire plug on a motorcycle?

  • Tire plugs are designed to be a temporary solution rather than a permanent repair. They will enable you to ride to the next available motorcycle repair shop and either replace the tire or get it properly patched and plugged. Well, wait a second. There鈥檚 actually a lot more to it than a simple yes, it鈥檚 safe, or no, it鈥檚 not safe.

  • How do you fix a punctured tire with a plug?

  • Place a rubber plug through the opening at the end of the plugger, like threading a needle. Remove the screw or nail with your multi-tool or pliers. Insert the tire reamer into the puncture and move it back and forth 5 or 6 times. This will smooth out the rubber and the steel belt inside the tire.

  • How do you put air in a tire with a worm?

  • Gently pull the insertion tool free, leaving the worm in the tire. Again, T-handles make this much easier. Use the knife in the plug kit or any sharp blade to cut the plug flush with the tread surface. Give it a few minutes to set up, inflate the tire and then spray some water or a soapy solution on the plug to make sure it鈥檚 holding air.

  • What to use to inflate motorcycle tires?

  • My recommendation on what to use to inflate your motorcycle tires is an air compressor. There are some great compact and portable compressors on the market that will plug into your battery pre-wire lead. They are small enough to fit in your panniers and don鈥檛 add too much extra weight and are so important to make sure air pressure is correct.