how to polish motorcycle tank

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Remove tank brackets and fuel petcock Remove any old tank graphics Wash and degrease the tank Starting sanding with 180 grit wet and dry to take out any scratches Work up through finer grades until you reach a 2500 grit Polish the tank using awool pad attachement on a drill

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  • What is the best way to clean a motorcycle tank?

  • Products like a motorcycle gas tank cleaner are also available and aren鈥檛 as harmful to the surface and its finish. For best results, combine this method with the one above. Combine the chemicals with bolts and nuts and throw it all in for best results.

  • How to Polish a motorcycle?

  • How to Polish Your Motorcycle. 1 Step 1: Supplies. Necessary Items: – Polish Cream (You can find chrome polish at any auto repair store) – A Shop Towel (Preferably Lint Free) 2 Step 2: Take Inventory and Give a Good Wipedown. 3 Step 3: Applying Polish. 4 Step 4: Buffing. 5 Step 5: Getting the Hard Stuff. More items

  • How do you fill a tank with caustic soda?

  • Fill the tank to within about three inches from the top with clean water. Then with all the safety clothing on, slowly pour the entire contents (500g) of the caustic soda crystals into the water. This will raise the water level and also heat the water up quite a bit.

  • What to do when your motorcycle has too much fuel?

  • Drain the excess fuel and unhook all the gas and vacuum lines. If your bike comes with fuel valves connected to the tank, you also want to remove those. Disconnect all the valves, sensors, and lines from your tank as well as bolts that hold it in place.