how to remove excess oil from motorcycle

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Steps to removing excess oil from your motorcycle or scooter with a syringe:Remove oil fill capInsert tubing into oil fill hole and push it until it reaches the oil.Attach the syringe to the tubingSlowly start applying pressure and pulling the syringe up (drawing out the oil)Draw out as much as you need,you鈥檒l clearly know how much you鈥檙e taking out because the syringe will show you. …Remove the syringe,dispose of oil properly,and recheck the amount of oil on a level surface.

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  • How to drain excess oil from motorcycle engine?

  • Use a hand pump you鈥檇 find on a bottle of shampoo, soap, or lotion. Clean it well. Then insert it into your oil fill port and pump out as much oil as you want. This method makes short work of draining excess oil on motorcycles and scooters. Replace engine oil cap, and check the oil again. Adjust as needed.

  • How to remove oil from a car engine?

  • At your house, you probably have a wide variety of bottles that can help remove your oil. You can use any type of bottle that has a hand pump or any spray bottle. First, make sure that you clean out the pump very well so that you do not introduce anything into your engine. From there, insert the long straw like piece into the oil fill port.

  • How to clean an oil pump on a motorcycle?

  • Put the drain tube in the oil fill drain hole (where you add oil to your motorcycle or scooter) Pump the handle on the pump until you get enough oil out that you are satisfied. Check the oil level again and adjust accordingly. Recycle waste oil properly.

  • What causes excessive smoke coming out of motorcycle exhaust?

  • Excessive smoke coming out of your exhaust is an indication that your motorcycle engine has too much oil. As oil passes through your rebreather system, through your intake, and into the combustion chamber the oil will combust along with the fuel and air.