how to remove scratches from motorcycle helmet

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Rubbing compound

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  • How to remove scratches from a motorcycle helmet visor?

  • Using the wrong methods to remove the scratches will weaken the strength of the visor. To remove scratches and keep the integrity of the visor, use methods that were used to form the visor when it was manufactured. Remove the visor from the helmet. Hold the visor under running water.

  • What is a scratch on a helmet?

  • A scratch is where something hard, sharp and abrasive removes some helmet paint or clear coat. To see if you have a scratch or scuff, gently move your thumbnail over the mark.

  • How to remove scuff marks from motorcycle helmet?

  • Wring it out, then rub it gently on the area you want to treat. The mild abrasive will remove the scuff mark without scratching the surface surrounding it. Gently dry the area with a clean cloth. 2. Use a rubbing compound to remove scuff marks and scratches from your motorcycle helmet. Apply and remove the compound using a microfiber cloth.

  • How do you fix a scratched side of a visor?

  • Plug in a heat gun. Turn the heat dial to 550-degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the heat gun to reach operating temperature. Turn on a lamp. Hold the visor 2 to 3 feet from the lamp. Hold the heat gun 4 inches away from the scratched side of the visor.