how to repair a chipped motorcycle helmet

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  • How to fix a scratched motorcycle helmet?

  • In this is the case and the pen doesn鈥檛 work, simply remove it with a suitable cleaning agent, ensuring not to remove or damage the original paint. Touch-up paint is one of the most effective and durable options for repairing a helmet scratch.

  • Can I use 3M Super 78 to repair a cracked helmet shell?

  • You can use the same 3M Super 78 to glue outer plastic micro-shells to the EPS foam piece of the helmet. You will not be able to repair a split or cracked shell, however.

  • Can a cracked helmet be repaired?

  • Summary: If you have crashed in your helmet, you must replace it. That kind of damage is not repairable! If the foam is cracked, do not attempt a repair, you must replace the helmet. But helmets are also a piece of wearing apparel, and in daily use they can be worn enough to need refurbishment or replacement of fitting pads or other parts.

  • How to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair?

  • The solution is simple. The only way to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair is to tie your hair back. Not in a pretty, loose ponytail that can easily escape.