how to replace handlebars on a motorcycle

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  • How do motorcycle handlebars change the look of your bike?

  • A new set of handlebars can change the look and feel of your bike completely. Aside from the seat, a motorcycle鈥檚 handlebars are the primary connection between human and machine. There鈥檚 a natural power that comes with extending your arms and gripping each side of the bar while conjuring memories of that first Big Wheels ride.

  • How do you fix a loose handlebar?

  • The solution may be a simple as rotating the current bar in its clamp and readjusting the controls. You might also achieve this optimum arrangement by shortening the bar slightly on either end or mounting it in shorter or longer risers. Before you start perusing catalogs for a new bar, get to know your handlebar.

  • How to remove glue residue from motorcycle handlebars?

  • To remove glue residue, use solvent after the grips are off. Begin with a half-turn on the existing fasteners and be careful not to loosen them too quickly, at the risk of dropping or losing them. If you can, flip the handlebars to make it easier to remove the fasteners all the way, then set the fasteners off to the side.

  • Is it easy to change out your old handlebars?

  • Changing out your old handlebars is not only a cheap upgrade, but an easy one as well. Despite this, a good chunk of riders seem very apprehensive in changing them out. This Instructable runs through each step and demystifies the process.