how to secure a helmet to a motorcycle

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Dedicated motorcycle helmet lock

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  • How do I secure my helmet to my bike?

  • Simply thread the plastic-coated steel cable through the bottom of your helmet and out through the visor area and include a secure part of the bike in the loop such as the frame. You can also thread the cable down a jacket arm to secure your jacket.

  • How to put a helmet hook on a motorcycle?

  • Take the helmet and place it on the seat, carefully stretching the net over the helmet. The other sides of the net should be hooked to different points on your bike, such as under the tail鈥檚 subframe spools, or one of the foot pegs. Most bikes these days will come equipped with helmet hooks that are located directly under the passenger鈥檚 seat.

  • Do you need a helmet lock for your bike?

  • A helmet lock is always a good choice for securing your helmet to your bike and preventing a thief from taking off with it. However, if you have a new paint job, then a lock may not be the best choice since it鈥檚 not designed to prevent a helmet from moving when you ride.

  • How to keep your motorcycle helmet safe from thieves?

  • If you have a high-priced helmet, or you鈥檝e invested in the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset, with an expensive system, such as the Cardo Freecom 4 Plus, then you need a top of the line lock to keep your helmet safe from thieves. If you purchase a universal lock, then you can use it with any type of recreational vehicle to keep your helmet safe.