how to start a victory motorcycle

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  • Are Victory Motorcycles good?

  • Victory motorcycles are considered good because of their tight steering and low center of gravity, which makes riding them smooth and well-balanced compared to other big twin cruisers. Victory motorcycles also offer premier performance and robust reliability, with longevity claims of 300,000+ miles.

  • When did the Victory motorcycle come out?

  • Victory鈥檚 first motorcycle, the V92C, debuted in 1997 and full scale production began a year later.

  • How to start a motorcycle?

  • If your bike is fuel-injected, simply pull the clutch in, and press and hold the start button whether you’re starting hot or cold. Use a bit of throttle when you press start if your motorcycle doesn’t start up first time around.

  • Is the victory Kingpin a good first motorcycle?

  • Judging from our intial ride, on the Kingpin, Victory is ready to play with the big boys. Its new mainstream motorcycle, the Kingpin, is about to hit the streets. The Kingpin is as good as anybody’s big twin and with some unique selling points.