how to wash motorcycle chain

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While rotating the wheel and chain, spray the chain withkerosene or wheel cleaner. After a moment of soaking, use your brush to scrub the chain and break up grime. Wipe the dirt and cleaner away with a towel or rag.

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  • How to clean a motorcycle chain with a toothbrush?

  • Let the cleaner soak into and loosen up the grime for five minutes before grabbing your trusty chain cleaning tool. Just as you would with a regular chain cleaning, scrub your chain and sprockets with an old toothbrush or motorcycle-specific chain cleaning brush.

  • How to clean a motorcycle chain and sprocket?

  • Take the time to scrub your sprockets as well as you did your chain, getting into the gaps between the teeth where the chain鈥檚 rollers make contact with. Soak a clean rag in some solvent and wipe down your chain and sprockets. If you have any stubborn grime that won鈥檛 seem to get loose, you can scrape it off with a plastic putty knife.

  • How do I Clean my drive chain?

  • Wiping your chain down with a cleaner-moistened rag works well for removing superficial grime prior to applying fresh lube, but occasionally (with every oil change anyway) you should give your drive chain a deep clean.

  • How do you Lube a bike chain without breaking it?

  • Dry off your chain with a clean rag and take a quick ride up and down the block鈥攆ive minutes鈥?to warm it up and get it ready for the lube. Then put it back on the stand and apply your lube of choice to the overlapping links of the lower rung.