is big dog motorcycles still in business

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Big Dog Motorcycles in Wichita isceasing productionand converting into a parts manufacturer and distributor, according to sources in the custom motorcycle industry. Rick Fairless, whose Texas-based dealership, Strokers Dallas, sells Big Dog motorcycles, on Tuesday confirmed with the WBJ comments he made to

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  • Who is Big Dog Motorcycles?

  • Big Dog Motorcycles has existed for a longer period of time than what a lot of people might have expected. After all, it was founded in 1994, meaning that it has had a fair amount of time to expand its operations beyond its humble beginnings. 2. Based in Wichita, KS

  • What years did Big Dog stop making motorcycles?

  • Halted for Three Years In total, Big Dog Motorcycles stopped its production of new motorcycles for a total of three model years, which would be 2012, 2013, and 2014. However, the people behind the motorcycle manufacturer didn鈥檛 give up in spite of its serious difficulties but instead took it as a chance to refine their practices.

  • What happened to Big Dog?

  • Intrust Bank foreclosed on the company at 1520 E. Douglas on Wednesday, and now owns the company’s remaining assets. Founder Sheldon Coleman Jr. has dissolved the corporation. Coleman has formed BDM Performance Products and is bringing over the 22 remaining Big Dog employees, said Mike Simmons, the new company’s president.

  • Who is Titan Motorcycle Company?

  • As writes, the Titan Motorcycle Company was founded in 1994 on the back of the cult of the big, boisterous, all-American V-Twin motorcycles immortalized in the likes of 鈥淓asyrider,鈥?鈥淭he Wild Ones鈥? and 鈥淓lectra Glide In Blue.鈥?/div>The Rise and Fall of the Titan Motorcycle Company