is it bad to remove baffles on motorcycle

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  • What happens if you remove the baffle from a motorcycle exhaust?

  • When you remove the baffle from your motorcycle exhaust, it will change how the whole engine runs. It will cause the motorcycle engine to run leaner (combustion of less fuel), and lean mixture flares hotter exhaust that can damage the exhaust. Replacing the baffles will also damage the power hook of the motorcycle.

  • What is the purpose of baffles on a motorcycle?

  • The primary and sole purpose of baffles is to slow down the rate at which the gas airflow leaves the exhaust and to reduce the engine noise of the motorcycle through the exhaust pipe. Baffles reduce and moisten the overall volume of the engine.

  • What is the function of the baffle on the exhaust pipe?

  • The baffle and all the interior diameters of the exhaust pipe are where the sound of the engine is totally modified. A lot of riders tend to remove their motorcycle baffles when out on track days.

  • Is it bad to put baffles on a track bike?

  • It shouldn’t be a problem, they are designed to allow you to take the baffles out for a meatier sound when you are at a track day, without upsetting the bike’s performance. Of course, it means the bike is breaking the noise limits at this point.