is it illegal for cops to chase motorcycles

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  • Should police officers give chase?

  • A police officer deciding whether to give chase must balance on one hand the need to stop a suspect and show that flight from the law is no way to freedom, and, on the other, the high-speed threat to everyone within stopping range, be they suspects, their passengers, other drivers, or bystanders, Souter said.

  • Why don’t Greater Manchester police chase motorbikes?

  • Greater Manchester Police follows a nationwide policy which gives clear guidance that motorbikes should not be pursued because of the higher risk of injury to the rider.” . A good loser will always be a loser.

  • Did West Midlands police chase off-road bike with helicopter and motorcyclist?

  • When West Midlands Police released footage of an off-road bike being chased by a police motorcyclist and helicopter, social media loved it. The bad guy was taken down by an incredibly skilled rider.

  • Does CCTV show a motorcycle slowing down when the police aren鈥檛 nearby?

  • The motorcycle has now been down the same road three times; CCTV shows it slowing when the police aren鈥檛 directly behind it. The helicopter is five minutes away and it鈥檚 almost school finishing time. Is it time to rethink your plan?