is it illegal for cops to chase motorcycles

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  • Are police vehicle chases more deadly than police shootings?

  • Far more police vehicle chases occur each year than police shootings. However, development of legally sound police vehicle pursuit policies lags behind development of deadly force policies involving firearms.

  • Are police chases always necessary?

  • Even though Police chases are required they create a dangerous situation for everyone involved especially when police go to extreme lengths pursuing suspects for minor violations. There are state specific laws on pursuit policies and many states are changing their policies to limit extreme pursuits to cases where a violent felony is involved.

  • How often do police engage in high-speed automobile chases?

  • Police throughout the country engage in hundreds of high-speed automobile chases every day. Enough of these result in serious property damage, personal injury, and death to make police pursuit a major public concern.

  • Can a law enforcement officer make an arrest on a bicycle?

  • Knowledge of the officers presence may cause the suspected violator to cease the commission of a suspected felony before the officer obtains sufficient evidence to establish grounds for arrest. (4m) A law enforcement officer operating a police vehicle that is a bicycle is not required to comply with the requirements of sub.