is it legal for motorcycles to ride two abreast

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The law says: 鈥淎 person riding a motorcycle, upon a roadway shallnot ride more than 2 abreast.鈥?Translation: You can ride side-by-side.

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  • Should you ride more than two abreast on the road?

  • 鈥溾€hould never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends.鈥? The key word here is 鈥榮hould鈥? Under the Highway Code, when a rule is a 鈥榤ust鈥?or 鈥榤ust not鈥? it is a legal requirement.

  • Can two motorcycles ride side by side in Washington State?

  • In section 46.61.608 of the Revised Code of Washington it states that 鈥淢otorcycles shall not be operated more than two abreast in a single lane.鈥?Officers or not, two motorcycles riding side by side is okay according to our state law. While we鈥檙e on the topic of motorcycles, let鈥檚 explore a few other points made in the aforementioned law.

  • Can two motorcycles ride side by side in the same lane?

  • The obvious exception to this law is two motorcycles riding side by side in a single lane. The next point is for the motorcyclists and states, 鈥淭he operator of a motorcycle shall not overtake and pass in the same lane occupied by the vehicle being overtaken.鈥?/div>Riding Side By Side and Other Motorcycle … – The Wise Drive

  • Can you shout at cyclists when they鈥檙e two abreast?

  • Actually, cyclists are allowed to ride two abreast鈥?Want to know exactly what you can shout at cyclists when they鈥檙e riding two abreast? We look at lane use by cyclists.