what are motorcycle drag pipes

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Straight pipeson a motorcycle appear in two different forms. Some owners just remove the mufflers while others replace the whole system with an aftermarket straight pipe exhaust. Since these systems are recommended for drag racers, they are also known as 鈥渄rag pipes.鈥?/div>6 Reasons Why Straight Piping is Bad for Motorcycles [Video]

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  • What is a straight pipe exhaust in a motorcycle?

  • A Straight pipe exhaust in a motorcycle is exhaust pipe running from header till the end without a muffler and a catalytic converter. Straight pipe exhausts are not recommended since they produce high decibel noise and are harmful to the environment. Let us deep dive into what a straight pipe exhaust is and why is it bad to have in a motorcycle.

  • What is inside a motorcycle exhaust system?

  • Common to all motorcycles, scooters and moped is a pipe from the header (exhaust port), a muffler/silencer unit, collector box (in multi-cylindered machines) with sensors and embedded catalytic converter. Multi-cylinder motorcycles have even more complex exhaust systems.

  • Can you modify a straight pipe exhaust unit?

  • Modifying exhaust units is a popular upgrade that many motorcycle riders undertake. Exhaust wrap, re-chroming, coloring, powder coating, straight pipe exhausts, slip on exhausts are few of these modifications that are widely implemented. We are going to talk about straight pipe exhausts in this post.

  • How much noise does a straight pipe exhaust make?

  • The noise levels from straight pipes can be as high as 120 dB to 130 dB 鈥?far higher than the usual range of 80 to 90 dB. Similarly, the exhaust gases coming out of the straight pipe exhaust most likely will not pass the regulatory emission standards.