what are motorcycle spools

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  • What are motorcycle sliders and spools?

  • That is where motorcycle sliders and spools come in. These simple but effective accessories are designed to prevent direct contact between the road surface and plastic fairings, paintwork, engine covers, axle nuts, and so on. Swingarm spools, for example, can be installed at the special mounting points that you can find on most modern motorcycles.

  • Are motorcycle swingarm spools Universal?

  • Most motorcycle swingarm spools are universal – all you have to do is check the manufacturer鈥檚 fitment chart and find out what size you need and you鈥檙e in business! You can find swingarm spools in delrin or aluminum, anodized a myriad of fancy colors to highlight your bike.

  • What are the different types of wheel spools?

  • There are two types of spools: full spools and mini spools. Each attains the same objective, ensuring both drive wheels on a given axle receive full torque and rotate at the same speed all the time. They create a solid axle.

  • What are swingarm spools made out of?

  • Vortex Swingarm spools are constructed out of aluminum to provide a solid and sturdy mount point for your motorcycle Rear stand. Spools machined from billet aluminum. This top-grade product is expertly made… Lightweight Aluminum Spool Kit by BikeMaster. Includes bolts for standard threaded holes on O.E.M.