what do i need for my motorcycle permit

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Requirements for a Motorcycle M1 or M2 License *Tests include at least thedriver knowledge, motorcycle knowledge, and motorcycle skills. An observation road test is required for applicants who have never been licensed for any class of motor vehicle and apply for a motorcycle only license.

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  • What do I need to bring to get my motorcycle license?

  • If you already have another class of license, you will need to bring the following: your valid PA motorcycle (Class M) learner’s permit, valid PA driver’s license, valid inspection sticker, valid registration card for the motorcycle and proof that the motorcycle is currently insured.

  • How do I get a motorcycle learner permit?

  • To apply for a motorcycle learner permit, an individual must have a full provisional, regular or commercial driver license and also pass a motorcycle knowledge test, road sign identification and vision tests.

  • Do you need a permit to drive a motorcycle?

  • In order to operate a motorcycle legally on the road, you must acquire a motorcycle permit from your state’s DMV. This endorsement is attached to your normal driver’s license to allow you to operate both your automobile and your motorcycle. Before you begin, take your motorcycle permit test.

  • What is the process of getting a motorcycle license?

  • You will be given a vision screening and a motorcycle knowledge test at this time. After passing the knowledge test, the application will be processed and a motorcycle (Class M) learner’s permit issued. The learner’s permit allows you to build the skills needed to operate a motorcycle and is valid for one year.