what do i need to register a motorcycle in ct

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To registeryour bike in Connecticut,you need: Bill of sale and old registration if bought in a state that doesn鈥檛 issue titles. Supplemental Assignment of Ownership Form for motorcycles over 20 years old. Registration and title fees and sales tax.

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  • How do I renew my motorcycle registration in CT?

  • To renew your motorcycle registration in person, visit your nearest DMV. Make sure to bring your: Current motorcycle registration or renewal notice. Connecticut motorcycle license. Payment for the $10 administration fee and $63 registration fee, plus other fees and taxes that may apply.

  • Do you need a license to drive a motorcycle in CT?

  • Both teen and adult drivers need a basic driver鈥檚 license (Class D) to operate motor-driven cycles. The CT DMV doesn鈥檛 require registration for motor scooters, mopeds, or motorbikes. When it comes to motor-driven cycle rules of the road, you:

  • Can I Register my Pocket Bike in CT?

  • The CT DMV doesn鈥檛 require registration for pocket bikes, and you ARE NOT allowed to operate them on any roadway or sidewalk TYPICALLY, three-wheeled vehicles that have an enclosed driver鈥檚 seat and a motor that鈥檚 not in the enclosed area are NOT considered motorcycles under Connecticut law and cannot be registered as motorcycles

  • What do I bring to the DMV when I Register my motorcycle?

  • Be sure to bring your inspection report to DMV when registering your motorcycle. If you are transferring your license and registration from out of state, you can perform both services with one appointment by selecting Out-of-State Transfers here.