what do you call a small motorcycle

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  • Is there a dictionary for motorcycle slang?

  • Welcome to The Manual鈥檚 dictionary of motorcycle slang. This unofficial glossary was created by those who travel on 鈥渢wos鈥?to teach people the lingo of the road. Learning this language might not only bring you a new level of enjoyment, but it also could ensure your safety.

  • What are the best small motorcycles with big personalities?

  • Top 10 Small Motorcycles With Big Personalities! 1 The Honda MSX125 Grom 2 KTM 390 Adventure Alright, so this one technically isn鈥檛 even out yet and we only have spy shots to go on, but since we鈥檝e mainly talked about the versatility … 3 The Honda Rebel 300 Then there was the Honda Rebel. … More items…

  • What does it mean to be a biker?

  • In general, it means someone who rides a motorcycle, but in the sphere of those who actually ride motorcycles, it more precisely means someone who is in a motorcycle club or gang. A Hell鈥檚 Angel is a Biker, but your Uncle Bob who toots around on his Harley Sportster on the weekends isn鈥檛. He鈥檚 a rider or motorcyclist.

  • What is a sport type motorcycle?

  • Sport Bike The sport genre of motorcycles are meant for speed and agility with forward-leaning ergonomics ready to carve some corners while riding. One of the largest differences with a Sport type motorcycle is their weight.