what is my used motorcycle worth

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  • How do you know how much your motorcycle is worth?

  • One of the most accurate and sure-fire ways to learn how much your motorcycle is worth is to have it professionally evaluated. This is a service just like any other. You call a service provider that you find online or your friends to refer you to one. You either bring the bike to them, or they come out to you before they inspect the bike.

  • How much is my used motorcycle’s Blue Book worth?

  • We recommend taking both figures into account when selling, buying or negotiating with your insurance company, and using the blue book value that most benefits you. For instance, let’s say Kelley Blue Book claims your used motorcycle’s blue book value is $10,000, but NADA estimates that it’s $9,000.

  • How much does it cost to get a motorbike valuation?

  • Each bike is unique! We offer an instant online motorbike valuation and then contact you with a more personalised motorbike valuation service, 100% free of charge, once we have all your motorbike credentials to hand.

  • What are the most valuable motorbikes?

  • These bikes are the cream of the crop, often bought as investments or as cherished display pieces. Here are some of the brands which produce the most valuable motorcycles. Brough Superior: These are some of the rarest, most valuable and highly collectable motorbikes we’ve ever purchased.