what is the best cruiser motorcycle for a beginner

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Honda Rebel 500

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  • What is the best size motorcycle for a beginner cruiser?

  • Anything below 600cc would do for a beginner cruiser. An experienced rider can push anything that moves on two wheels, irrespective of the motorcycle’s engine size, height, or weight. That said, dive in for five of the best beginner cruiser bikes and five machines for the seasoned rider.

  • Is the Honda Rebel 500 the best cruiser motorcycle for beginners?

  • The Honda Rebel 500 is affordable, approachable, and versatile. When it comes to an ideal cruiser motorcycle for beginners, it鈥檚 hard to find a new bike better than the Honda Rebel.

  • What are the best cruiser bikes to work on?

  • The slim 381-pound bike gives riders the confidence to maneuver around town, and at a starting price of less than $6,000, the Boulevard S40 is probably one of the most accessible entry cruiser bikes that’s also easy to work on. The Vmax was first released in 1985 as the first motorcycle to kick off the hyper-cruiser segment.

  • What is the best beginner bike for beginners?

  • It comes with the same seat height and even narrower cockpit than the 500, so is a great choice for smaller riders, or riders who want to take the learning process slow on an approachable machine. An approachable sportbike, the Kawasaki Ninja 400 would make a great first ride. Kawasaki