what is the break in period for a new motorcycle

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500 – 1000 miles on the road

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  • How long does it take to break in a new motorcycle?

  • A new motorcycle鈥檚 breaking-in period lasts for about the first 500 – 1000 miles on the road. This procedure is typically what manufacturers and enthusiasts call the technique for operating the bike when it is new. During this process, the internal friction in the engine is at its highest since the components are new and have not been 鈥渂edded in.鈥?/div>The Proper Procedure for Breaking-in Your … – Oil Additives

  • How to ride a motorcycle during break in period?

  • During break in period riders must ride their motorcycle by following few rules. Such as speed limit like 40-50 KM/H, ride without pillions, avoiding long journeys, after 200-300 Kilometers change the engine oil and do the same thing after 1000 kilometers.

  • Should you break-in a new bike?

  • Second, taking it easy with a new bike is just a good idea. After all, it鈥檚 not just your engine that needs to break-in. You need to scrub in those new tires, bed in those new brakes, and overall get familiar with how your new bike is balanced, how it turns and handles, shifts and stops.

  • How long does it take to break in a new car?

  • If you follow the break-in procedure outlined in your owner鈥檚 manual, it鈥檒l recommend a 600, 1000, or even a 1500-mile process wherein you limit throttle and revs and constantly vary the engine speed.