what is the quietest motorcycle

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Generally speaking,the quietest motorcycles are:BMW K 1600 BBMW S 1000 XRHonda Gold WingHonda CTX 700 DCTHonda NC 750 XHonda Rebel 500Honda ShadowIndian Scout Bobber SixtyKawasaki Ninja 400Kawasaki Ninja 650

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  • Which motorcycles are quiet?

  • Some brands of motorcycles, like BMW, are known to be very quiet, although certain models of these brands can also be very loud. In this article, we discuss which motorcycles are quiet and how you can make your current motorcycle quiet.

  • What are the quietest motorcycle helmets?

  • The C3 Pro and the C4 Pro Carbon make for two of the quietest motorcycle helmets money can buy. Some riders have reported whistling through the vents 3. Shoei Neotec 2 鈥?Modular, Approx. 400-600

  • Are modular motorcycle helmets quieter?

  • But modular helmets offer better noise protection than full-face lids. And they generally make for the quietest motorcycle helmets. The head hole on a full-face helmet has to be large enough for you to fit your head through.

  • How can I make my motorcycle quiet?

  • To make a motorcycle quiet you will have to alter these components or do away with those components. But removing some components doesn鈥檛 always make it less noisy. For instance, the exhaust might make a lot of noise but removing it would cause the motorcycle to make even more noise.