what’s a lot of miles on a motorcycle

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20,000 to 35,000 miles

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  • How many miles is a high mileage for a motorcycle?

  • Some people will consider 20,000 miles to be a high mileage bike. Other people would laugh if you were worried about a motorcycle with 50,000 miles. It鈥檚 a motorcycle specific process when it comes down to whether or not a bike has a lot of miles.

  • How many miles can a motorcycle last?

  • I鈥檝e seen people with bikes over 100,000 miles and I鈥檝e seen bikes crap out at 4,000 miles. As long as you keep up with consistent oil changes and don鈥檛 abuse the machine then a motorcycle and its engine can last you a lifetime.

  • Does mileage matter when buying a bike?

  • And on late-model bikes, mileage does matter 鈥?for value. Most people asking about high mileage aren鈥檛 worried about book value, though. Instead, longevity is their concern. Longevity is determined by a number of factors. Mileage is only one, and I鈥檇 say a relatively unimportant one.

  • What is the best motorcycle for high mileage?

  • In general terms, we can divide motorcycles into various categories. These include sports, commuter, tourer, cruiser, and dual sports bikes. When it comes to being able to clock up high mileage, the tourer should, in theory, be top of the list.