when traveling behind a motorcycle

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When driving behind a motorcycle you shouldincrease your following distance. As a general rule of thumb,you should use at least a 4 second following distance behind a motorcyclist. The extra space will give you more room and time to react in the event that the motorcyclists brakes suddenly or falls off their motorcycle.

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  • How to drive behind a motorcycle?

  • Therefore, you should go slowly and control your speed when driving behind a motorcycle. According to traffic laws, you should only travel in one lane. Motorcycles and cars must not be in the same lane and close to each other to avoid accidents.

  • How to pass a motorcycle?

  • The most important thing when you want to overtake a motorcycle is to obey the traffic laws. Before passing, cars must signal to pass by horn or light. When passing, you must pass to the left side of the motorcycle. Before passing, the driver needs to turn on the turn signal, honk the horn or flash the headlights to signal to the vehicle ahead.

  • What happens if you bump a motorcycle?

  • Motorcycles are harder to see and the margin for error is almost nil. If you bump a car, it鈥檚 a mild fender-bender and an exchange of insurance information. If you bump a motorcyclist, you send them flying, cause serious injuries鈥攊ncluding death鈥攁nd face extensive civil litigation.

  • Can a motorcyclist steal a lane on the highway?

  • A motorcyclist is entitled to full use of their lane, the same as if they were a driver. So if you鈥檙e on a 3-lane highway and trying to pass at a time of busy traffic, don鈥檛 try and 鈥渟teal鈥?half a lane from the motorcycle. You will likely be held at fault in the event of an accident.