where do i register my motorcycle

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  • How to register a motorbike in the USA?

  • Motorcycle Registration. 1 Pay all applicable fees. 2 Submit Application for Title and Registration (Form 735-226) to DMV. 3 Proof of Compliance must be obtained in case if the motorcycle is brand new, not manufactured by a major manufacturer recognized by DMV or foreign … 4 If required, get a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection.

  • How do I get the title and registration of my motorcycle?

  • The dealership handles the title and registration of new motorcycles. If you are buying a used one then you will have to submit the Application for Title and Registration that is available form Secretary of State Office. You will also have to submit a proof of ownership (title from the previous owner that has been signed over to you).

  • How do I renew my motorcycle registration online?

  • Online renewals may require only your bike鈥檚 vehicle identification number (VIN), your driver鈥檚 license number and a credit card payment. However, each state differs in how it鈥檚 handling new vehicle registrations. Your best bet is to visit your state鈥檚 or your local DMV office鈥檚 website to see how it deals with new registrations at this time.

  • What documents do I need to register a motorcycle in California?

  • 1 Motorcycle title. Prove that you鈥檙e the proud owner with a motorcycle title that displays your name. 2 Proof of residence. You may need a utility bill, bank statement or pay stub with your name and address. … 3 Insurance. … 4 Safety inspection certificate. … 5 Payment for registration fees. …