where is tail of the dragon motorcycle ride

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Deals Gap, North Carolina

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  • Where is the tail of the dragon on the road?

  • Riding The Dragon. The Tail of the Dragon is a two lane stretch of road on US 129, also known as Tapaco Road in North Carolina and Calderwood Highway on the Tennessee side. With more than 300 curves over a stretch of 11 miles, it has been featured in movies and TV shows like Top Gear, Thunder Rod, The Fugitive and more.

  • What are the Dragon鈥檚 tail motorcycle rides?

  • They are briefly described below and each description includes a link to the motorcycle route鈥檚 official website describing the Dragon鈥檚 Tail associated motorcycle rides: -The Claw of the Dragon is found in the southwestern corner of Virginia and technically a collection of Multiple riding loops.

  • What is a 鈥渢ail鈥?motorcycle route?

  • The Tail of the Newt !) Not only has the Dragon鈥檚 influence spawned informally 鈥淒ragon鈥?or 鈥淭ail鈥?associated motorcycle routes around the country but also, a few have been formally established by local tourism committees and some by state governments as well.

  • What are the 鈥渙ther Dragon鈥?motorcycle routes?

  • The ones gaining the most traction are a three 鈥渙ther Dragon鈥?named motorcycle routes found in Virginia and West Virginia: the Claw, Back, and Head of the Dragon. The motorcycle rides are described briefly below as well as links to the routes official websites.