where to keep motorcycle helmet

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Apadded helmet bag or cloth bagis a perfect way to store your helmet if you tend to use it often. It makes your helmet easy to access and is super convenient for hanging up in your closet. This is a convenient way to store your helmet because it won鈥檛 take up a lot of space and it is portable.

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  • How to store a motorcycle helmet?

  • One motorcycle helmet storage idea that works well is using a combination of a helmet hook and motorcycle helmet bag. Simply place your helmet inside your bag for protection then hang it on the hook to conveniently store it. This storage setup won鈥檛 take up much space and will keep your helmet protected from dust.

  • Where should you hang your motorcycle helmet?

  • The quickest and easiest place to hang a helmet is on the handlebars. This can be secure, especially if you can get it over bar-end mirrors to stop it slipping off. However, this can still be a precarious position where the helmet can easily fall if the bike is bumped.

  • How do I secure my motorcycle helmet to the seat?

  • Next, place helmet on seat and stretch the net over the helmet. Hook the other sides of the net at various points on the bike such as, around the rear foot peg, or under tail subframes spools. Potential problems with this method would be finding something to secure each point and will depend on what your motorcycle is equipped with.

  • How do you carry your helmet in your bag?

  • You place your helmet in the bag and the straps fit under the rear seat, securing the helmet to the top of the seat. They can be found in the US at lockitt.com, or, if you live in the UK, goe straight to the Oxford products website.