where to keep motorcycle helmet

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The best place to secure your helmet is inbig, lockable panniers or a top boxif you are lucky enough to have them. These keep your helmet in the shade, away from the elements and away from prying, thieving eyes. It also cannot be damaged by someone bumping into or even knocking over your bike.

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  • How do you keep a motorcycle helmet in place?

  • Make sure you secure the helmet tight enough to prevent the helmet from moving around when you ride. You can also secure the helmet in place using a bungee cord, for an extra level of protection. If your bike has handholds or a rear grab bar, attach the helmet strap through it.

  • How to put a helmet hook on a motorcycle?

  • Take the helmet and place it on the seat, carefully stretching the net over the helmet. The other sides of the net should be hooked to different points on your bike, such as under the tail鈥檚 subframe spools, or one of the foot pegs. Most bikes these days will come equipped with helmet hooks that are located directly under the passenger鈥檚 seat.

  • Where should I put my helmet on my Car Seat?

  • If you do not want to carry it with you, the safest place to put your helmet is over your mirror. However, you do not want to simply place it on top of the mirror. Instead, you want to thread the rearview mirror through your helmet visor.

  • Is it safe to hang your helmet on your bike?

  • If your bike has a helmet lock, they are quite secure. Unfortunately, some modern bikes don鈥檛 seem to have them. There are also some problems with hanging it here. First, a thief can easily cut the strap and take your helmet. Yes, it destroys the helmet but thieves could just be using your helmet to steal your bike and make their getaway!