where were bultaco motorcycles made

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  • Who makes Bultaco bikes?

  • Derbi and Sherco both have used the Bultaco brand name. Sherco for the trials bikes, and Derbi for everything else. Hugh鈥檚 Bultaco in New York got trademark rights to the Bultaco name and logo in the USA. In 1983 Ignacio Bulto was one of the founders the Merlin Motorcycle company, that was later sold to GasGas.

  • When did the Bultaco motorcycle factory close?

  • It was the start of a chain of successes that would lead to 15 years of domination of the sport, with Bultaco winning the European Trials Championship (later World Championship) nine times between 1968 and 1979. Even so, the factory was forced to shut down in 1979.

  • Are Bultaco motorcycles the most iconic in Spain?

  • But torrential rain couldn鈥檛 dampen their enthusiasm to celebrate 50 years of Bultaco motorcycles and their status as one of the most iconic classic Spanish motorcycles.

  • When did Bultaco start making two-stroke motorcycles?

  • By 1959 he was producing a new brand 鈥?Bultaco 鈥?embodying the same concept; a surprisingly powerful two-stroke engine in a comparably light chassis. Although there were plenty of four-stroke machines as powerful, none was nearly as light.