who sent the motorcycle gang in righteous gemstones

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  • What happened in 鈥榯he Righteous Gemstones鈥?last episode?

  • The latest episode of The Righteous Gemstones, 鈥淣ever Avenge Yourselves, But Leave It to the Wrath of God,鈥?is the most eventful in weeks, bringing multiple subplots to a boil and ending with a game-changing climax.

  • What happened to Keefe in the Righteous Gemstones?

  • Unfortunately for him, the world of The Righteous Gemstones mostly obeys the physical laws of our own, and Keefe fails. Kelvin is cast out of his home鈥檚 master bedroom and forced to mop up the gym while Keefe replaces Titus (Miles Burris) in solitary confinement.

  • What is the Righteous Gemstones Halo report?

  • The Righteous Gemstones Halo Report is a weekly recap feature that assigns between zero and five halos to people, things, events, and general topics from each episode. There is very little to this beyond an excuse to highlight cool stuff from a good show and make jokes. And do crappy drawings of halos in MS Paint. We鈥檙e having fun.

  • Is the gemstone鈥檚 father really dead?

  • But the Gemstone patriarch is most likely not dead, despite the best attempts by his attackers. This is not 鈥?Game of Thrones ,鈥?where death is always a prevalent part of the narrative.