who started ruff ryders motorcycle club

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  • Who are the Ruff Ryders?

  • Due to the worldwide recognition of the Ruff Ryders brand, it’s no surprise that we have members from all walks of life, such as doctors, lawyers, law enforcement and the military.

  • Can I start a Ruff Ryder chapter?

  • If there is no local chapter, then we can discuss starting one! The Ruff Ryder team will assign a chapter within your region to mentor and assist you in getting a chapter started and officers assigned. Contact us now to start the discussion.

  • What is the benefit of being a member of the Ryders?

  • Ruff Ryders is the largest Sports Bike organization in the world! Here are just a few of the benefits. The lifelong friendships and the bond of sisterhood and brotherhood it gives you. Gives you the opportunity to travel and already have extended family in the area. Allows you to network on an international scale.