why do motorcycle tires cup

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What causes motorcycle tire cupping?Making sharp turns too fast. Doing this puts an extra strain not only on the tires but also on the suspension and braking systems.Braking too hard. …Underinflated and overinflated tires. …Overloading the tires. …Misaligned tires. …Worn-out suspension components. …Tire imbalance. …Low quality and cheap tires. …Instability. …Noise. …More items…

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  • Why do motorcycle tires Cup when braking?

  • This will cause an uneven wear that will be fairly noticeable. The sharper the turns you make and/or the harder you brake will make tires cup much faster. Unfortunately, cupping is a lot harder to prevent on a motorcycle tire. Continue reading further and we will dive into what exactly cupping is, how to notice it, and how to prevent it.

  • Do your tires have cupping?

  • If so, your tires may be showing evidence of a type of erratic treadwear referred to as 鈥渃upping鈥? WHAT IS TIRE CUPPING? Tire cupping can appear as if someone took an ice cream scoop and scooped out part of the tread every three to four inches around the circumference.

  • Why do some bikes have more cupping than others?

  • More tire air pressure will cause less cupping. If two different riders rode two identical bikes, they probably would have a different tire wear pattern. The one with more cupping would indicate that the rider actually rides the bike harder.

  • What causes uneven tire wear on a motorcycle?

  • Uneven tire wear on a motorcycle is caused by misalignment of the tires, improper inflation, and improper balance. Tire wear is normal if the bike is being ridden safely and regularly, but abnormal or uneven wear on tires is an indication that something other than the tires need to be fixed on the motorcycle.