why motorcycle battery keeps dying

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7 Possible ReasonsThe bad terminal connection between the batteries and the stator.Too many motorcycle accessories plugged in the batteryFaulty voltage regulator or rectifierBad alternator and statorThere is a parasitic drawExcessive heat and vibrationThe battery is almost dead

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  • Why do motorcycle batteries die so fast?

  • What you wind up with is a rat鈥檚 nest of wires and the potential to overload the motorcycles electrical system and drain your battery. Placing too big of a load with accessories can stress the battery and reduce its lifespan (motorcycle batteries are supposed to last two years, but you usually don鈥檛 get all of that).

  • How long do motorcycle batteries last?

  • Make sure you start the motorcycle more often, charge the batteries, keep the motorcycle indoors, and fix any wiring problems to keep the battery in top shape. A battery can last three months before it dies, and lithium batteries are best for cold weather.

  • What does it mean when a motorcycle battery terminal is bad?

  • When a motorcycle has a bad terminal connection, that means the battery cable either has a poor connection or isn鈥檛 connected at all. The battery should be charging through the stator while it鈥檚 running, but if there鈥檚 a bad connection, your battery won鈥檛 be getting much of a charge.

  • Can motorcycle batteries get too much heat?

  • Even with proper care and feeding of your motorcycle battery, some batteries have a difficult time with excessive heat and vibration. If your battery is located in an area on the motorcycle where is can be subject more heat than usual, you may want to consider wrapping it in thermo heat shield to keep it protected.