can you get a motorcycle license before a driver’s license

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Youcannot legally ride a motorcycle with just a regular driver鈥檚 license. You will need to obtain a separate motorcycle permit or license in order to freely ride a motorcycle without legal repercussions. Riding a motorcycle is different from driving a car which is why additional training is required.

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  • How to get a license to drive a motorcycle?

  • General Licensing Process Get a motorcycle handbook from your government鈥檚 motor vehicle bureau. Apply for your motorcycle learner’s permit. Practice operating a motorcycle with your learner’s permit. Complete an approved motorcycle training course to get your license (option 1).

  • How old do you have to be to drive a motorcycle?

  • Motorcycle License Age Requirement You can qualify for a motorcycle license in most states by: 1 Being at least 16 years old 2 Passing a vision screening 3 Completing a motorcycle safety course OR passing a motorcycle road test and knowledge exam (if not already completed for permit)

  • When can I practice driving with a motorcycle learner permit?

  • When you practice driving with a motorcycle learner permit. you must be supervised by a driver age 21 or older who has a valid motorcycle license from any state. the motorcycle driver who supervises you must be within 1/4 mile of you at all times.

  • How to get a motorcycle permit in California?

  • You can obtain a motorcycle permit by: 1 Being at least 15-16 years old (exact age depends on state) 2 Completing a drivers education course, including a traffic laws and signs exam (often not necessary if you already have a driver鈥檚 license) 3 Passing a written motorcycle exam 4 Passing a vision screening