does les schwab fix motorcycle tires

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  • Is Les Schwab a full service tire company?

  • As one of the largest providers of truck tires and retreading services in the nation, we鈥檒l help you manage tire costs while providing all the extras you expect from Les Schwab. We have hundreds of full-service locations, plus more than 1,500 service trucks that provide on-site service.

  • Does Les Schwab charge pro-rata adjustment?

  • A. If a Covered Tire eligible for Tire Protection incurs non-repairable damage during the first 25% of tread wear, Les Schwab will replace it free of charge. After the first 25% of tread wear, Les Schwab will provide a pro-rata adjustment consistent with section (C).

  • Does Les Schwab have after-hours customer service?

  • Les Schwab does not offer emergency or after-hours services for retail customers. However, we do have dedicated 1-800 numbers for fleet customers. To get the 1-800 number for fleet customers, please contact your fleet representative. Does Les Schwab offer roadside assistance?

  • Why Les Schwab for hauling and towing?

  • Les Schwab has the hauling and towing accessories you need, whether you鈥檙e pulling a camp trailer or loading up the back of your truck. Multiple payment options and no annual fees or hidden charges.