how many miles is a lot for a motorcycle

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100,000 kilometers (62137.119 miles)

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  • How many miles is a high mileage for a motorcycle?

  • Some people will consider 20,000 miles to be a high mileage bike. Other people would laugh if you were worried about a motorcycle with 50,000 miles. It鈥檚 a motorcycle specific process when it comes down to whether or not a bike has a lot of miles.

  • How many miles can a motorcycle last?

  • I鈥檝e seen people with bikes over 100,000 miles and I鈥檝e seen bikes crap out at 4,000 miles. As long as you keep up with consistent oil changes and don鈥檛 abuse the machine then a motorcycle and its engine can last you a lifetime.

  • Does mileage matter when buying a used motorcycle?

  • Mileage isn鈥檛 always the most important thing to look for in a used motorcycle. While mileage may be used to understand a bike鈥檚 鈥渧alue鈥?when purchasing it, mileage doesn鈥檛 necessarily make or break a good used motorcycle. According to RevZilla, while mileage does matter when factoring in the value on a late-model bike.

  • Are low-mileage motorcycles more expensive?

  • According to Best Beginner Motorcycles, a low-mileage bike may be more expensive than one with high miles, simply because of a 鈥渘ewer鈥?motor. But low mileage doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean the motorcycle is in better condition. This is why it is important to check not only the total mileage of the motorcycle but its service history in entirety.