how to repair a chipped motorcycle helmet

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  • How to fix a tight motorcycle helmet?

  • If the helmet is too tight around your chin or cheek, then you can alternate its foam lining. If it is not possible, then you can also reduce the size of the foam. DIY replacement may impair the helmet permanently, and it is only a temporary solution.

  • How to make a motorcycle helmet fit your head?

  • Expanding the straps is also an excellent strategy to make your helmet according to the size of your head. It would help if you stretched the helmet straps whenever you are going to wear them. It will also loosen the helmet and make it adjust well on your head.

  • What are the common problems with motorcycle helmets?

  • Let鈥檚 have a look at these problems and their quick fixes. If you have an oval-shaped head, but your helmet is round-shaped, then it could cause pain in your forehead. You can resolve this problem by inserting a deflated soccer ball inside your helmet and press the foam.

  • How to tell if a motorcycle helmet is too big?

  • Another way to check the helmet鈥檚 fitness is to move it forward while keeping the head straight and properly fasten the strap. If the helmet can move quickly, then it is too big for your head.