how to stop sliding on motorcycle seat

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A final tip to stop your sliding post is toadd a thin smear of Fiber Gripto it before insertion. Fiber Grip is a biodegradable product designed to add friction between two smooth carbon fiber components to prevent them from slipping, and to prevent the urge to over-torque them.

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  • Why does my bike seat keep sliding down?

  • There are a few different reasons why your bike seat keeps sliding down. This can be anything from manufacturing defects to excess grease to a poor fitting clamp. The first thing you鈥檒l want to make sure of is that your seat post and seat post tube sizes actually match.

  • Why do I have to slide my seat forward?

  • Even though you may have had all these technical fits and maybe your knee is over the pedal spindle already, you still need to slide your seat forward so your thighs/knees can naturally align over the pedals. Your reach to the bars is too long, and you try to compensate by sliding forward on the saddle.

  • How do I keep my bike seat clean?

  • If you want to keep your seat clean and prevent that long wet streak along your back, consider picking up some fenders. You can use a rag and some degreaser to make sure everything is clean. If you have metal parts (non-carbon), using an anti-seize compound can be a good idea. Tip: Never use grease on a carbon frame or carbon seat post.

  • How do I Stop my seatpost from slipping?

  • While some grease is fine, too much can cause your saddle to slip. In some cases, wiping off excess grease may just do the trick. I used to work at a shop that sold Treks鈥?they鈥檙e NOTORIOUS for the seatpost slipping. Take a rag and wipe off any excess grease that might be there.